Set up Booking Policy


How to order?

  • Step 1: Fill up and send in “Enquiry on Backdrop Setup”
  • Step 2: Team will contact you via Whatsapp within 48 hours for further discussions. 
  • Step 3: Bookings will be confirmed by completing the enquiry form online and making full payment using UEN PayNow. Payment must be made at least 10 days before event date to confirm booking.

When do I need to reserve?

  • Our slots and availability operate on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • To ensure availability for weekend orders, we strongly recommend booking at least one month in advance.


Booking Policy

By making a booking with us, you acknowledge and agree to the following terms: 

Booking Amendments: Please ensure that all details provided at the time of booking are accurate. It is the responsibility of the customer to review and verify the booking details. 

Contact Information: It is the responsibility of the guest to provide accurate contact information at the time of booking. We will not be liable for any issues arising from incorrect or outdated contact details. 

Reservation Confirmation: Once a reservation is made and payment is processed, it will be considered confirmed. 

Non-Cancellation: All bookings made under this policy are non-cancellable. Once confirmed, your reservation cannot be canceled or refunded. Any requests for changes or cancellations will not be entertained. 

Non-Refundable: Payments made for bookings are non-refundable. This includes partial or full payment made for the reservation. 

Postponement: Inform at least 2 weeks in advance for any changes in date, time or venue. (Subjected to availability)

Late Arrival:  In the event of a late arrival, it is important to note that the setup timing may be affected. Our team will make reasonable efforts to adjust the setup to the best of our ability. However, please understand that we cannot guarantee the complete execution of the setup as originally planned.

Any delay in arrival that exceeds the setup time slot, there will be no refund or compensation. We allocate our resources, staff, and time based on the agreed-upon schedule, and late arrivals may disrupt our operations.

We kindly request that guests arrive at the designated time specified in their booking confirmation for their celebration or event. This allows us to ensure a seamless setup and delivery of services according to your requirements. 

No Show: In the event of a no-show, where the guest fails to communicate with the team, the set up time slot will be considered as done, and no refund or credit will be provided. 

Force Majeure: In exceptional circumstances, such as pandemics, or other uncontrollable events, we reserve the right to modify or cancel bookings, even those made under this policy. In such cases, guests will be informed promptly, and alternative arrangements may be offered at our discretion. 

By proceeding with the booking, you acknowledge that you have read, understood, and agreed to our booking policy. Please note that this policy may vary depending on the specific terms and conditions of your booking. We encourage guests to review the policy carefully before making a reservation. 


Refundable Deposit

In order to ensure the proper care and protection of our facilities and equipment, we have implemented a refundable deposit policy. 

Refundable Deposit Amount: A refundable deposit ranging from $100 to $500 (amount specified at the time of booking) is required to secure your reservation. This deposit will be held as collateral and will be refunded to you within 3-5 working days after the conclusion of the event, provided that all conditions outlined in this policy are met. 

Purpose of the Deposit: The refundable deposit is intended to cover any potential damages, excessive cleaning requirements, or any additional charges incurred during the event. This includes, but is not limited to, breakages, stains, excessive wear and tear, or any violation of the terms and conditions agreed upon in the event contract. 

Inspection and Assessment: Following the conclusion of your event, our staff will conduct a thorough inspection of the venue and equipment. This assessment will determine if any damages or excessive cleaning is required. The refundable deposit will be refunded in full unless there are charges related to damages or additional services as per the terms of the event contract. 

Deductions from the Deposit: In the event that damages, excessive cleaning, or other charges are identified during the inspection, the cost of repairs, replacements, or additional services will be deducted from the refundable deposit. A detailed breakdown of any deductions will be provided, along with supporting documentation, if applicable. 

Refund Timeline: You will be notified of any deductions from your deposit and the corresponding refund amount within 3-5 working days after the conclusion of the event. The refund will be processed using the Paynow number that you have provided

Dispute Resolution: If you disagree with any deductions made from your deposit, you must notify us within seven days of receiving the notification. We will review your concerns and provide a fair resolution based on the evidence and information available. 

Responsibility for Damages: The person or entity who made the booking is responsible for any damages or additional charges incurred during the event, even if caused by guests or third parties attending the event. 

What item is included?

  • Find more information about what each product provides and the item that you will be keeping under the "Product Details" section, while Partybang will collect back rest of items after the event concludes.

How long can the balloon last?

  • Air-inflated balloons, such as balloon garlands and floor balloons, last for approximately 3 days.
  • It is advisable to set up on the day of the event to achieve the best aesthetic results, we recommend setting up balloons on the day of the event. This allows us to deliver balloons in their freshest and most vibrant state, ensuring they retain their shine throughout the duration of your celebration as oxidation causes the balloons to lose their glossy finish and appear matte or dull.

Do I need to Teardown & return myself?

  • Certain packages include teardown services as part of the overall service offering. Details and inclusions of teardown services can be found in the listing or package information provided on the product listing.
  • Customer Option for Balloon Bursting: Customers have the option to burst the balloons themselves before our teardown team arrives at the designated venue. This allows you to take control of the process and avoid any additional charges.
  • Balloon Bursting Charges: If customers choose not to burst the balloons themselves and request our team to perform the balloon bursting during teardown, a charge of $20 for balloon burst & clearing service will apply. This charge covers the time, effort, and resources required for our team to safely and efficiently burst the balloons as part of the teardown process.


Can the setup be Outdoors?

  • For safety reasons, we are unable to set up balloons and backdrops in outdoor areas that are prone to wind and rain.
  • However, we can accommodate orders for moderately windy, sheltered areas with an additional charge of $30 for advanced balloon preparation, transportation, extra weights and handling to ensure a secure setup. 


Will a visual draft of the set-up be provided?

  • We will update you with the digital mockup to provide feedback for any possible modifications within 48 hours of payment.